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5 Things Lovers Should Do Before Bedtime To Improve Their Relationship

Creating a connecting and intimate bedtime routine can help you and your partner regain connection, intimacy, and fun. Following the below simple bedtime routines can help you and your partner rekindle the sensuous, intimate, and required connection you formerly shared.

1. Forget about work: Try to forget about work, and refrain from checking your work email in bed. It's far preferable to spend that time together and get some rest so you can be productive at work the next day. Pillow chat emotionally unites partners, helps you forget about troubles, and relaxes you. Avoid talking about work, financial troubles, or anything else that could make your partner feel worried.

2. Don't fight or get into heated arguments: It's understandable if you have something that truly upsets you and you want to talk about it. However, avoid getting into an intense argument before going to bed. Fighting in bed is never a good way to settle a problem. Furthermore, it will be more difficult for both of you to fall asleep, and you will feel depressed the next day.

3. Maintain a child-free bedroom: According to psychologist Michael Viner-Davis, the only time you should allow your children to sleep in your bed is if they have a nightmare. Your bedroom should be your private space at all other times. You need that space in order for the two of you to sustain your intimacy. Let them sleep in another bed or better still, in another room.

4. Give each other a massage: According to the National Foundation of Sleep, a light and relaxing massage before bed improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety, and brings couples closer together.

5. Don't forget about hugs and kisses: Before going to bed, kiss your partner and cuddle for a few minutes if you're already in bed. This is really soothing and evokes positive emotions. Psychologists are convinced that hugging while falling asleep will not endanger your relationship.

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