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Opinion: Social Media And Its Contribution To The Durability Of Celebrity Relationships & Marriages

Social media has been around us for a long time and everyone can differently say one or two things about this product of modern-day technology. For some people, Social media has contributed positively to people's lives and I can never agree less to this because many people are making a living from social media.

However, this discuss is not just about making a living from social media, what about our love lives, how are these essential aspects of our lives affected by the use of social media? Unfortunately, many people are of the mindset that social media has destroyed many relationships today, and that is why you see people give the advice of keeping your relationship off social media if you want it to last.

But, is this advice as accurate as it should be? My answer to this question is no, the advice is poorly structured and cannot, in fact, sustain the durability of any relationship. Social media does and cannot destroy relationships as many people have been made to believe, it only exposes the genuineness of these relationships.

Let me make a practical example here. We are all aware that one of the quick killers of relationships and marriages is infidelity, and this avoidable act has become really common in many relationships today, only that they are hidden away from social media. Some people only get to know the genuineness of their relationships when it becomes a subject of discussion on social media, and this is exactly what we see with the relationships and marriages of some celebrities today.

Technically, social media only exposes the hidden secrets in a relationship. If you do not post your partner on social media, you may not be able to know who knows what he has done behind you in your relationship. 

Social media as it is, brings people out of relationship ignorance, and oftentimes liberate them from these unions that were never supposed to be. Social media does not destroy relationships and marriages, it only exposes the lies in them, do not get it wrong.

My advice is, do whatever you want on social media with your relationship, if it is genuine, nothing will happen. Do not be confused into thinking that social media will destroy your relationship. It cannot, if your relationship is real.

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