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Stop saying "you are welcome", here are the right words to say

English is complex,its dynamic, it changes within time,as it changes, you also learn to upgrade yourself to fit into the system.

Ain’t you tired of saying “you are welcome” when someone acknowledges your good deeds? Am sure you are,but the problem is,you don’t have any other way to express it,well,worry no more,I have gotten a gist to keep you upgraded and forego “you are welcome”.

Here are some other words you can substitute “you are welcome” with:



It’s okay

Never mention

Glad to have helped

It’s all gray


Not at all

My pleasure

You got it

It was nothing

Not a problem

Don’t mention it

No worries

I’m happy to help

Happy to serve you

Glad to be of any assistance

Oh anytime

Of course

It’s alright

Haven’t know the different ways of saying ” you welcome “, I hope you will make good use of them and share it for others to get themselves educated .

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