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Top 5 Signs Your Boyfriend Does Not Love You, He Is Just Using You

You deserve to be loved and be handled properly and to be with someone who wants you to do the same.

Nothing hurts you more than a man who doesn't love you in love. However, it's not necessarily what you see as it really is. Instead, you make excuses. You unconsciously wait until he loves you. You assume that maybe you are mistaken and that maybe you are judging. You then say to your friends and family that they too are wrong and judgmental for not knowing him the way you do and not looking at the real him.

Here are top 5 signs that your boyfriend is just using you - 

1. He Keeps Asking You For Favors

When a man uses you, he speaks to you only if he wants something. It is a strong indication, if he always asks for favors, that he has no true intentions. He is asking you to do something for him that he should do better than himself. He wants you to leave your route for him even though he is not prepared to do the same for you. He asks you if you should do his homework, make him something to eat or cancel your appointment as a doctor knowing that you are trapped on your own orders. He asks you, not considering how long your day is, to take your jacket off your dry cleaner on your way home. Basically, instead of being your man, he wants you to be his mother.

2. He Only Calls You Late At Night

After 10pm, he is calling you because he has better things to do than to spend time with you. He is still too busy doing stuff he wants to spend little time visiting you, sitting with you and interacting with you. He calls you late in the night because, without making any effort, he wants to linger in your head. He's not contacting you or texting you all day long. And if he's contacting you on the weekend, at the end of the day, he will contact you, because there is no place for you. He asks you a few questions and he tells you a nice thing or two and then says he has to go. He's not as committed as you are, so he's not dreaming of a successful relationship. 

3. He won't protect you

He doesn't take care of you the way you deserve when a man is using you. When anyone shows interest in you, he does not get jealous. He's not letting you go on the inside of the street. Around 2 a.m., when he knows you're drinking with your buddies, he doesn't pick you up from the pub. The day that the roads are unsafe because of the weather he will not drive you. He does not have your back, and he seems to be carefree anyway. When you need one, he doesn't give you a piece of advice. When you're greedy or dramatic, he doesn't call you. Because a man will always wants you to be the best version of yourself when he likes you.

4. He Procrastinates A Lot

If a guy likes you, he prepares for you for the long term. If your guy prevents you and your family from sharing his holiday period, then that is a sign that his heart is not all inside. couples spend time together in stable relationships, but they also have their own interests and hobbies. When he doesn't make quality time just for you and when his efforts don't get you to the next level, your guy certainly wastes your time. He doesn't have those intense love feelings for you and he knows that very deeply. Perhaps he cares about you, but not enough to build him with you for an enduring future. So he uses you to fill the gap of being single, while he stays with you, even though he admits that he does not see a future with you. 

5. Like a cannon ball, he drops you.

He ignores your emotions when a guy uses you. He cares for your heart and takes no account of how his acts impact you. He decides, he thinks he'll hurt you and he tells you things he knows are going to annoy you. Last minute, he cancels you. He tells you that he can do stuff that he doesn't want to do. He promises you stuff he can't do or do. He doesn't seem to know where this relationship goes. Instead, he does not make you feel safe and insecure. He does not make you feel safe. When a man loves you, on the other hand, he will make you a priority in his life and not an option. He never places you where you feel you don't matter. 

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