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I And The Best Man Did It Three Times, Before My Husband Caught Us (Fiction)

My name is Janet, I'm light skinned I'm a lover of fashion and I'm photo freak.

If there is anything that I love doing most, even while asleep, it's snapping pictures, sometimes I even dream of snapping pictures, to show the level of passion I have for pictures.

Well, there is something fascinating about me which you will trip for soon, I was born into a family of four, my dad is a gentle business man, while mum supports him in his business as well, they were both running the business together with love.

If there is something the neighbours loves my parent for, it's for the kind of bond they share, the kind of love they exhibit, despite their old age, dad and mum still behaves like young couples in public, and every one admires that.

I'm the second born in the family, we only have one male among us, we the rest are females.

While groiwing up, I always have passion to study photography in school, but dad and mum kicked against it that I shouldn't study it, well do I have any other choice than to obey my parent? Of course I do not!

My elder sister studied law, her education was quite fast, she gained admission while she was almost 16 years of age, she was in SS1 then, some neighbours encouraged her to take jamb exam then, considering how brilliant she is, dad and mum supported her as well, Lo and behold, her result came out and she scored 302 in Jamb, that's quite amazing right? Yes I must say my sister is a genius!

She graduated as a law student while she was 22 years of age, which seems as a great achievement in the family, everyone appreciates her, for her brilliancy and smartness, I tend to take after her, but I must say I'm not as brilliant as her, I can't deny that, her brilliancy is exceptional.

Well, I got admitted into the University when I was around 19 years of age, my admission was quite delayed due to the fact that I couldn't make all my complete result at once, I had to resit for my 0'level exam the second year, before I could proceed into the university.

To make dad and mum happy, I had to study pharmacy well as God would have it, I was given the course the same year I applied for it, but you know some things can't be exchanged for passion? While in school I still went for photography training, and I was doing the two together, and neither of the two affected each other.

God really helped me, and coupled with my passion for photography, I easily grabbed everything I was being thought during the photography training.

The photography training was to last for 2½ years, which I agreed to, well during the first year, I have no issue with anyone and I hardly make friends with people there, my main business is to achieve the main aim of why I was there, but things changed at the second year.

There is this guy in the same school where I was schooling his name is Mike, the guy was studying “Computer science” and he specializes in graphic design, I must say he's a genius when it comes to editing pictures.

At the second year, I and the guy started becoming close, he teaches me “graphic designing” using “corel draw” and “Microsoft word” I love the way he teaches, with calmness, and I easily understands everything he teaches me.

We got along, when we discovered we both have the same things in common.

In my third year, we both grew to love each other deeply and we started dating, getting to date wasn't a hard thing for us both, as we've been friends for almost 2 years before we started dating.

When we were done with our academic session in school, we were lucky to be both posted to the dame area for youth service, we both were very happy when we discovered that we are going to spend another year, to be with each other again.

A week after our youth service, we were all still in our respective hostel, it was on my birthday Mike decided to celebrate it big for me, he made it very elaborate, he invited almost all his friends, it was a special day for me, so I see nothing wrong in it.

On my birthday, the MC invited Mike, and asked him if he has any special present for me, he walked up to the midst of the party and said “yes” everyone shouted, and I was very happy as I'm very sure Mike will surely get a nice gift for me.

Mike asked me to come forward, as I was sitting in the midst of my friends then, he held my hands and said “Since I've met you, you've been an angel to me, I've always found you as a reason to smile, there is no greater blessing I want from God than to have you till eternity in my life” honestly as he was saying this words, I was seriously blushing, then he knelt down, with his one kneels down, and brought out a ring and said “Please Mary me” wow! All my friends shouted for joy, and we're shouting “say yes! Say yes!”

Deep down, I've always desire to marry him, him proposing to me is like an answer to my prayers, “yes I will marry you” I said everyone shouted, all my friends came to hug and congratulated me, that day was a memorable day for me indeed.

After he has proposed to me, I took Mike home to introduce to my parent, my parent were happy that I finally brought someone home after all these years.

Since I've been in my 300 level in school, my parent has been pestering me to bring my boyfriend home, which I always tell them to give me enough time and let me concentrate on my studies first.

Now that I finally got someone to bring someone home they were very happy, and welcomed him with joy.

Mike is a cool and friendly person we started our wedding preparation, I was happy that my wedding is on the way.

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Mike do tell me about his friend that stays neighboring state, whose name is Idowu Samson, the name really sounds familiar, but I never bothered to ask much about him, since I and Mike didn't attend the same secondary school, neither did we live in the same area, so I decided to bother less about the familiarity of the name.

Not until a day before our wedding day, my husband to-be told me, his best man is Idowu, who stays in a neighboring town will be the one to come and best him, I was really happy as I will surely get to meet my husband to-be best friend.

I could remember vividly that a week before the wedding my fiancee called me to come and take a look at Idowu's picture, but I was so busy then, “dear it's no need, I will get to see him when he comes” I replied him then without even waiting for further words from him.

The day came, Idowu returned from abroad it was my fiancee that went to pick him from the motor park and took him to his house, to stay there before taking him to the hotel the next day, since we are getting married soon.

When my fiancee called me that Idowu is around, I was so filled with curiosity to meet this man, I quickly changed my cloth and went to his house.

I knocked on the door, it was Idowu that opened the door for me, “What?” ID is this you? We hugged each other, I had to quickly let go of him, when the reality that I'm getting married in some days time dawn on me.

Wondering where I and Idowu knew each other? While I was in secondary, that was in SS1 I guess, I went for vacation at my granny's place, that was where we knew each other, we didn't maintain any close relationship, but he do tell me he loves me then, and I do tell him I'm not ready for any relationship yet.

Though I know Idowu to be a very nice person, while we were together then, and I like him as a person, but I wasn't ready for any sort of relationship.

Meeting him now again was like a surprise to me, while we were both caught up with surprise for meeting each other again after all these years, my fiancee walked out from the bathroom where he was, he was somehow confused as whether we both knew each other before, I and Idowu had to quickly adjusted ourselves and had to pretend as if we've never met before to avoid any long stories.

Well the second day, Idowu arrived is our wedding, while I came to serve him drink the day I went to greet him in my fiancee's house, he secretly passed a paper into my hands, I wonder what it contains, but I never bothered about it, since I don't want any suspense from my fiancee and held the paper tight till I'm out of sight of everyone before opening the paper to know what it it contains.

When I was out of sight of people, I unfolded the paper to know what it contains, it was his phone number that was there, and he wrote under it “please call me” what does he wants? I mutter to myself.

Well I decided to call him to know what he wants, he told me he still loves as much as he do while we were small, “what? Don't you know I'm getting married to your best friend soon? Please don't ever tell me this again, OK?” I was about hanging up, when he said, it's OK that I should do him a favour the second day that we should see, tomorrow is the wedding day, hope you know? “Yes I know, just arrange a way of how we can see please” he said then I hanged up.

The second day is my wedding day, the happiest day in my life, a memorable one, I danced and danced till I was tired, it was at night that I remembered that Idowu said he wanted to see me, I wonder what he had to say, well I called him to hear him out, my husband has gone out to meet his family members so as to sort out some stuffs.

I also went to the sitting room and asked Idowu to meet me there so we could talk, he thanked me for giving him my time “it's OK, just go straight to the point” I said, he said he only wants some things from me, “what is it?” I asked “Please there are some present, which are being given to your husband which I love, I saw some Rolex wrist watch there which was being given to him as a present, can you please just give me some there, I don't want him to know please” he said I looked at him and shook my head, “I was a bit lost in thought as whether to do it or not”.

He begged me to do it, well “since this is going to be the last thing I will ever get to do for him let me just do it” after all I'm sure my husband can't keep the count of the present being given to him at the wedding.

I went inside and checked for some present for him, the one that has nice wrist watch, I took it out to show him, if he likes it, which he said yes and was happy, I decided to go in and check more for him, I got him shoes as well, but the last one which I was about to give him, which is cloth, that was my husband came in and caught us.

What? What are you doing with the best man? He asked angrily, I begged him but he got angry the more, I started crying, I never wished my day of joy turns into something else, I explained everything right from start to him, “why didn't you tell me all this before? ” he asked, I'm sorry I never wanted to get you angry, that's why I didn't say it.

Well my husband caught I and the BestMan doing it the third time, he forgave me, when he got to know the truth.

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