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Stop saying "Wait" rather use this unique words

Hello everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and staying at home?. Good; if we are doing so. So in this period of lockdown, we are going to be improving on our diction and becoming more conscientious in our usage of some English words so as to appear more polished and professional in public when we speak.

In today's class, we are going to be looking at some of the phrases we can use in place of the usual "Wait" whenever we enunciate publicly.

Most times at some point in our lives, when we are busy with something and cannot be able to attend to someone's request at that particular moment, we usually end up asking them to "Wait".

But in English, we don't do that as that might develop a negative impact on the person.

So here are some interesting phrases you can use in place of " wait" and still commands patience among your prospects.👇👇👇

📌Hang on a moment/Hold on.

📌I'll be right with you.

📌Bare with me.

📌let me see.

📌All in good time.

📌I apologize for the delay.

📌Thank you so much for waiting 

📌Sorry to keep you waiting.

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