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4 things that destroy relationships

They are things we do that destroys our relationships, I am going to list and explain some of them I hope after seeing what I have you will change if u find yourself guilty in anyone.

1. Pride

If you want your relationship to grow with love please be humble, pride is a destroyer of relationships, let's take for example after a fight between couples they will be this mindset that the other partner should be the one to apologize, that is how they will stay in a long fight without saying sorry to each other because of pride and the repetition of this act might have a strong negative effect on the relationship.

Some people see their partners as the less privilege who is being favored for having them in their lives, I tell you this is one of the root course of their problem, be humble appreciate and respect your partners at all time.

2. Cheating

It is very known that cheating on your partner in a relationship brings about comparison, doubt, fight, disappointment and lastly breakup. I know its difficult but if you love that person don't cheat if you dont let he or she go.

3. Lack of communication

A relationship with a strong communication ability is a one that will last long or forever. Like in the case of women they like to talk they like this deep intimate discussion because they want to know you, when they don't have this from you they feel you dont love them that much and if they get what they want from another guy, that is a problem, so guys talk with her listen to her complains and you will live long.

4. Disloyalty

Loyalty is faithfulness, support, allegiance to your partners no matter what, having a loyal partner is one of the best thing in life, having someone who is faithful, supportive and will stand and choose you first at all the time is you living life opposite of this is toxic.

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