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As a Lady here are 9 signs you should know about Guys.

I believe cheating is wrong. With a capital “W”. However, sometimes things aren’t as black & white as they might appear. If we’re really honest with ourselves, most things in life exist in shades of grey. Circumstances can never justify, but can (sometimes) make a wrongdoing understandable.

The Signs are;

1. When you go through his phone and find nothing incriminating

2. When he uses you as his profile picture across all platforms

3. When he randomly tells you he loves you

4. When you make Rice for him and he leaves a few grains on the plate

5. When he sends you a ‘Good Morning' text before you even wake up

6. When he apologizes for the drama you caused

7. When he makes you cum 5 seconds quicker than usual

8. When he plans a romantic getaway for both of you

9. When he finally proposes to you

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