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Remember The Lady Who Got Married To Herself? Here's Why She Did It And See Photos Of Her Wedding

When a person takes decision,he or she would want to do such in a way that won't be against his or her interests.One common thing that pushes people to take risky decisions is the fact that they feel pushed to take such decisions and the end result is often bad.Even as there are some factors that must be taken in consideration,you should always endeavor to do everything with a clean mind.

Well,that was probably how an Oxford student had felt that made her to do something that was unheard of.Lulu Jemima had became tired because her parents were always bugging her to settle down so she thought of a way to get them to stop disturbing her.

Lulu then decided to marry herself, sounds strange right? Well,she decided to do that to get her family off her back.

Even though her parents were right to had been disturbing her to get married because she was 32 years old at the time,Lulu didn't really have any plans to settle down because she was doing her masters in creative writing at the University of Oxford.

According to reports,she had organized a mock wedding where she sent formal invitations to her family and friends.She had to hire a wedding dress and even got wedding gifts from people.

She also revealed that her father had written her marriage speech when she was just 16 and her mother had always prayed for her at each of her birthday so that her husband would finally locate her.

Although the wedding ceremony wasn't legally binding,Lulu was able to secure her tuition fees and that meant alot to her.

See more pictures below;

Even as this might have seemed strange,the truth is that all Lulu wanted was just her freedom to become a good student and study what she wanted.

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