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Effects Of Sex During Menstrual Period

Even though most people might want to stay away from s£xual activities during menstruation, others prefer to feel at ease with the feelings of intimacy. This depicts the fact that intimacy during a woman's menstrual period is only a personal decision and should be communicated between partners.

However, Medicalnewstoday has recorded some effects of s£x during menstruation. Stick with me as I share this with you below.

First of all, it is safe.

If there are no STDs, and as long as both partners can communicate about it, engaging in s£xual activities when a lady is observing her menstrual period is generally proven to be safe. However, there is usually a little increase in the risk of an infection during menstruation. Therefore, you might want to use a protection and observe cleanliness generally.

Secondly, it may relieve cramps.

According to research, there is usually a release of chemicals like endorphins during s£xual activities, and this may help to greatly ease cramps during menstruation.

Thirdly, it can be messy.

Due to the menstrual blood present during a woman's period, intimacy might appear to be messy and uncomfortable. To control this mess, one can however decide to use condom or any other technique to serve as barrier.

Fourthly, it may decrease risk of pregnancy.

One could still get pregnant during menstruation, although the risk is very low at this time. There is usually a minimal likelihood for ovulation to occur during a woman's menstrual period and having intimacy at this time reduces risk of pregnancy.

In conclusion, engaging in a s£xual activity during a woman's menstruation period is personal choice. But whatever you do, it is important to communicate with your partner and make sure it doesn't bring discomfort to you. If you are finding it difficult to know what to do, I suggest you meet with your doctor to provide more ideas on how to manage your menstruation.

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