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Husband and wife relationship

As A Man, Here are 4 Things You Should Have Before Thinking of Marriage

It's a wonderful thing to get married. But there are four things a man should have before he considers it. These four things would aid the man in his marital journey as well as his professional endeavors. As a result, I advise all single men to take note of these things and work hard to obtain them. They are, without further ado:

1. Have a close relationship or bond with God:

A strong connection with God is the first thing a man should have before considering marriage. Having a strong relationship with God will relieve you of the stress of making costly mistakes in the future. This is because the person would be guided by God. A person can never be led astray by God. He would always lead you to the appropriate location at the appropriate time. Having a strong relationship with God also puts a person on the heavenly path. This is because the individual wishes to please God. As a result, I believe that a man should have a strong relationship with God before considering marriage.

2. Have your place to stay. (It could either be rented or owned):

Adam had the garden before he got Eve. That was where he lived. Before you consider marriage as a man, you should have your place. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh,” says Genesis chapter 2 verse 24. According to this verse, a man must leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. You and your wife must have a place to stay to cleave to each other. That location should be the man's residence. It is inappropriate for a man to live with his parents while married. It's also wrong, in my opinion, for the woman to provide a place for them to stay. As a result, I believe that this is another quality that a man should possess before considering marriage.

3. Have a Hand Work:

Whether it's a white-collar or a blue-collar job, you'll need to do some sort of manual labor. You don't expect your wife to be able to feed the entire family on her own. It is your responsibility as a man. Your wife's sole purpose is to assist you in areas where your hands may be unable to reach. When we look at Adam's story, we see that God first entrusted him with the responsibility of maintaining the garden before giving him a wife. This is to inform you that Adams personally maintained the garden. And he got this work done before he met Eve. So, as a man, you should be doing something. This thing has to be legal, and it has to be able to provide you and your family with some cash. As a result, I recommend that a man works before thinking about marriage.

4. You Should Have a Plan After Marriage:

You should have a plan in place after you marry a man. It's not enough to make a plan for how many children you want to have. It should, however, also be about how well you want to grow as a family. If you only had ten naira when you married, you should work with your wife to figure out how to get to ten million naira in the future. If you had only won one soul for Christ when you married, you and your wife should make plans to win hundreds, if not thousands, of souls for Christ. The bible says that one would pull down one thousand and two would pull down ten thousand (I'm not quoting directly this time). They must, however, agree.

You and your wife can be better than you were previously. You must not deteriorate in the future. Being worse is akin to claiming that your marriage was the catalyst for your downfall from success to failure. And we all know this isn't the case. A man is blessed because of his marriage. However, if the man does not have a plan and does not stick to his divine plan, he may not be able to receive this blessing. As a result, I advise all men to have a post-marriage strategy. It would be beneficial.

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