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Things we do that disconnect us from the Holy Spirit

So many times we do things that are pleasurable to us alone and forget the fact that there's that power or force that determines whatever happens withing and outside our being.

The Holy Spirit is to be loved and cherished; this singular fact can't be overemphasized. The things we do on daily basis determines where we find ourselves spiritually and physically. This article shall be focusing on things that sperates us from the Holy Spirit.

1. "Fornication"

2. "Masturbation"

3. Adultery

4. Anger

5. Jealousy

6. Lust

7. "Pornography"

8. Cheating

9. Lack of trust for spiritual ordinances

10. Doubting spiritual gifts and contact.

These few things will go a long way to stop you from reaching "that peek" and it will be more unfortunate if you are not willing to stop or make a "U-turn " the rate at which christians distant themselves from the spiritual realm this days has become a thing of concern actually. Permit me to emphasize on a very important point here; you can be dating or in a relationship but relegate "sexuality" to the background and things will still work fine, but the opposite is what we see today.

There's time now to have a rethink and retrace your steps. He who is ready to turn around has already done that; make the Holy Spirit the basis of everything you do and watch your life become a wonder.

Thanks for your time, hope to have you again. Igochesblog will always keep you company.

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