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My Wife's Nagging Behaviour made me Fall in Love with a Married woman. Should I continue? Man Cries

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman by God to live together whether in pain or in joy until death do them part. No religion of the world I can think of supports adultery no matter how you try to bend it. They all have one reason or the other not to condole adultery for they believe that when both partners are joint together, they are there for procreation and also as one body. 

We've watched in Nollywood movies how many couples separate because of one attitude or the other from the partner which they believe they can't live with. For instance, women are known to be nagging beings with porous lips. They can talk and nag at the same time that if you aren't a man of great tolerance and understanding of the female virtues, you may be forced never to come back to your house again - worse still, if you've started finding solace in another woman's blossom.

A man by name Mazi Chinedu Ojionu narrated how her nagging wife pushed her into the hands of a woman selling food somewhere as he always finds her comforting whenever his wife comes with the nagging attitude, now he's fallen in love with her and don't know what to do.

See below:

Your wife may be bad or worse but its your responsibility to understand what she is, her very nature you have to read and understand thoroughly before getting married. That woman you think you have interest in is already married. Put yourself in the husband's shoes and see how you will feel if such is done to you.

Go back home and take care of your home for no one else will do it for you except you.

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