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Opinion: Dealing With Obsessive Crush

Obsessive crushes is when you are Crushing over someone in an uncontrollable way. That is you spending more time thinking about that person, you can give or do anything to be close to that person, to be able to hold and feels that person.

The first way you can deals with this is by defining what you feels. Your ability to defined what you feels will make you to realize that what you are feeling is not love but infatuation.

The second way of dealing with obsessive crush is by controlling your feelings, ability for you to control your feelings will save a lot of damage, Puting your crush in check helps you mentally.

The third way of dealing with obsessive crush is by given your heart to someone that will appreciate it. Love someone close to you and stop thinking about something you can't have, there are people out there who care a lot about you, someone who can give anything for you to be happy. I know it is not easy but things we failed are the things we didn't try.

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Obsessive Crush


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