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Ladies, If He Proposes To You In This Condition, Will You Accept? (See Photo)

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In life, we have rich and the poor. Everyone in life wants to be wealthy, everyone loves that luxury lifestyle, but yet m, everyone is not successful.

According to research, the percentage of poor people in the world is far greater than that of the rich people. We are all gifted in life but not everyone is able to utilize that gift.

Well know one can blame those that are yet to be successful, everything I life is time. That's just the face life has turned to them at the moment.

In our generation it is the dream of every lady to get married to a successful man. A man who is already success even before they get to know each other.

That is why i came up with these question mainly for the ladies. Can marry a man in this condition?

Judging with the image of the room below.

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