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"Dating a guy that cannot help you financially, a waste of time" Facebook user declares.

A lady on Facebook who was identified as Thespian vic Hills took to social media to share her thoughts about men and their responsibilities in a relationship.

She claimed that saying a man who could not help a woman financially was a waste of time. As expected men did not take this kindly some blasted her for being a liability in a relationship while some believed that her proportion was as a result of backward mentality towards relationships. Women also displayed their disapproval as they felt that a woman's duty is to be a man's help meet and not a burden.

In my opinion I believe a man had a level of financial responsibility to perform in a relationship but not as a cash dispenser or ATM. Moreover in this present day and age in which the cost of living is high, a man should not be expected to finance his partner in any given relationship. To the best of my knowledge, am ideal relationship should mean that both partners are able to bring something to the table so as to have ends meet.

Below are some of the reactions from other facebook users.

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