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I fell in love with my boss after we had an affair but she is married -Man narrates

Office romances—romantic relationships between two people employed by the same employer—are as common now as they have been throughout history. The long hour's many people spend at work make for a situation in which those with whom we work are for many not only colleagues but our primary source of social contact.

Many workers have been involved in office romance as I case of this that the young man fell in love with his older boss after they had an affair.

In his words "I used to have an affair with my Boss, it lasted for months, then she was having issues in her marriage, but after a while we just stopped, because things went back to normal, I kind of felt used and dumped, but it’s fine. this affair is over 2 years, you might know her if I mention her name, hence why am using this fake account, now my older friend is liking her, because is so beautiful and carries her self so well and classy, plus she is very neat, honestly since the affair stopped my standards has gone up when it comes to women, my stake in woman is up up now and I have struggled to distract myself from her, our affair just ended, like there was no proper break up, just that she just picks my call normally and acts formal with me, she doesn’t look at me any more and smile, when she stopped calling went back to my shell as well,so there was never like a break up break up... but she still helps me when am in trouble, I remember when I had one issue at work that I sat for a panel and all, i almost lost my job, all of a sudden the problem just went away and I was given my ID back, it was lata one of my friend at HR told me, she was the one that sure-teed for me and stood in for me, I was so grateful, I even went to her to thank her but she just smiled and said she will do it for anyone!! She then told me not to please discuss what happened between us with anyone, that what she did for me is just to thank me for being there for her and she will do more. I won’t lie I like this woman, am 31 and she should be 42, but she is just too perfect and beautiful, I never dreamt of dating an older woman, but if this one comes close to you, your dick must stand, now my friend is liking her, and this my friend is a director in my office and he told me last week he will do anything to sleep with her. I don’t want that, honestly am so in love with her, but I don’t want her to see it anyhow or spoil my relationship with her, 

This evening I went to her office to deliver a file I saw him coming out of her office smiling and she was smiling too, 

I told her to be careful with him after I told her everything, she just asked me to mind my business and not bother about her, 

Honestly, I feel so bad and feel like thrash! I don’t even know how she got me to the middle of the ocean and left me, 

I don’t know if I should open up to her about my feelings, I have no one else to talk to.many have adviced him to ask for forgiveness and repent for sleeping with someone's wife instead of trying to express his feelings for her. Check their reactions below.

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