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5 reasons why you should not compare your relationship or marriage to others

Have you ever come across the old saying that goes "comparison is the thief of joy"? If your answer is yes, then you should know that you are not to compare your relationship or marriage to others. If you have not come across that saying, then you need to know that comparing your relationship or marriage to others may deprive you and your lover your well deserved joy and happiness.

There are several reasons why you should never compare your relationship or marriage to others. These reasons can be found below.

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1. Your relationship or marriage may crash.

For instance, if your relationship or marriage doesn't look so wealthy, you have no reason to compare it to that your neighbours, colleagues and friends. This may bring about envy which can lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction which can, in return see to the unwanted end of the relationship or marriage as the case may be.

Instead of comparing your relationship or marriage to others, why not put head together with your lover or partner to figure out ways to make your relationship or marriage better? If you continue to compare, what if you crush your relationship or marriage in the process?

Think about the efforts, time and determination you have invested in the relationship or marriage. Are you going to let it go because you think that it is imperfect, unlike those of your neighbours, colleagues and friends? Please stop comparison your relationship or marriage to others.

2. No relationship or marriage is perfect.

As no one in the whole wide world is perfect, so also is no relationship or marriage perfect. If you are looking for a perfect marriage or relationship, then you must first get married to or date a perfect partner or lover. Of course, this does not exist.

We all know that God is the only perfect entity. Therefore, we must not always look for the perfect things. But we can work collectively to make each other seem perfect, with this, our relationships and marriages will be peaceful.

When you are wrongly convinced to believe that someone else's relationship or marriage is perfect, but yours is not, this will bring about bitterness, hatred and lose of love or interest. If you value your relationship or marriage, never compare it to others.

3. It may result to unnecessary jealousy.

Jealousy usually brings about hatred. When you continue to compare your relationship or marriage to those of your, say friends, you may see yourself hating them unnecessarily. The bitterness will become very obvious that it will be perceived by your countenance. Please do not compare your relationship or marriage to those of other people.

4. It may lead to lack of respect and frustration.

When you become so much uncomfortable in your relationship or marriage, frustration may set in. This will lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Of course, you will deliberately lose your respect for your lover or partner and for other people. You may see yourself "worshipping" other people, especially those who's relationships or marriages you compare yours to.

5. You may be deceived.

When you compare your relationship or marriage to those of others, you may have the mindset that you are in the worst relationship or marriage ever. This may not be true. The success of a relationship or marriage depends on how the lovers or partners handle or take care of it. Some people are only packaging their relationship or marriage to appear perfect, but if you go deeper, yours may be better than theirs.

Please, avoid comparing your relationship or marriage to others if you want to enjoy it.

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