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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things You Should Do For Your Wife Every Night, If You Want Her To Love You More.

As a man, there are things you have to do for your wife every night before going to bed, and that will make her love and respect you more. I will be listing a few of those things below. 

1. Don't sleep deep at night. 

As a married man you don't have to be sleeping deep and night, and also before going to bed always make sure that your kids are already at sleep, before you sleep walk go their room and check up on them to know how they are doing, if the weather is hold put on the fan for them but if you have AC you can still put in on for they can enjoy their sleep at night, also once the weather is cold look for a blanket to cover them, so they can feel warm, also check on your wife if she is already at sleep kiss her on her forehead, she will love and respect you so much because you have shows her how much she means to you and also care for your kids, it will make your relationship stronger with her. 

2. Always appreciate your wife. 

No matter how your wife do act, always let her know that you are blessed to have her, always appreciate your wife and respect her, always tell her that you don't know how your life could've been without her, such will make her understand that you appreciate her, and it will make her to do more at home to make the family happy and strong. 

3. Always make time for your wife. 

No matter how busy you are always make out time for your wife, take her out buy her things she needs make her feel loved and also feel like a baby, because women love being treated like a baby, I sometimes know your wife might make you angry but don't forget to love and treat her like a baby, once you do all this I listen you will notice that your love with her will become stronger. 

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