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4 Reasons Why A Lady Might Not Tell A Guy Her Real Age

It's not surprising to discover that some ladies don't reveal their real age to guys who ask about it. This is why some guys don't even bother to ask them.

A lady might even get upset when a guy is putting too much pressure on trying to know her real age.

These are some of the reasons why a lady might not want to reveal her real age to guys.

Fear Of Losing

Some ladies don't want guys to know their real age because they are afraid.

She thinks that if she's older than him, maybe the guy would have a change of mind and quit the relationship.

Whereas age is just a number, it's not a determinant factor for true love in a relationship.

Inferiority Complex

A woman can hide her real age due to an inferiority complex or feelings of low self-esteem.

She feels that she has not achieved what her mates have achieved in terms of education, marriage, or financial status.

She Wants To Remain Attractive

Some of them don't want guys to start saying that they are getting old. She doesn't want to reveal something that might push away the man she ought to marry.

She wants the man in her life to still find her attractive, so she would rather not reveal her real age to him.

She will reduce her age because she wants him to believe that she's still young.

On the other hand, a guy can still find a lady attractive despite the fact that she's older than him.

She Wants To Be Respected

While some women are reducing their age for guys to feel that they are still young, some ladies actually add to their real age because they want to be respected.

She wants guys to feel that she's not a small girl, and so she should be respected.

She might add to her real age when she wants to maintain the pace with other women who are respected.

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