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10 funny wedding pictures that can make your day

Science said that if you don't smile in a minute you lose 60 seconds of happiness.

Though you can't force yourself to laugh to be happy, it is a good idea to find something that would always put smiles on your face.

Each day you laugh you are doing a favour to your immune system. Happiness is no doubt a good diet for the body. Happiness can also be said to be the best diet.

I would give credit to goggle and Facebook for these hilarious pictures.

Many grooms and brides are humorous in nature, some just made a mistake which lead to the observing photographer capturing the moment, some of the pictures were captured in movies and comedies.

1.When every one is in the same mood together.

Picture speak more than words.


When a feminist decide to wed herself this is what the photographer get.


When the groom make his dog the best man. When it's time to take picture the dog have to posse.


Picture speaks more than words.


The groom is holding the wrong place.


When you stay 10 feet in the foreground to be at the same height with your bride.


When your funny best friend is your bride's maid.


When the men plan to do something nasty.


Picture speaks more than words.


When the groom is impatient.

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