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For Women: 6 Things A Woman Is Advised To Achieve Before Getting Married

Every young woman who wants to enjoy her marriage/create a happy home, should try her possible best to achieve 90% of the below listed, before saying “Yes” to marriage.

So, without time, let's take a look at 6 basic things a wise woman should achieve before getting married.

1. Good Cooking Skills / Home Economic Skills: 

This is the first thing every woman should achieve before marriage. We all know the easiest way to a Man's heart is his stomach, so if you want to make your husband feel happy always, then cook good foods for him, and most especially his native type of food.

Make sure you have a good cooking skills. You can learn from your mum or pay other people to teach you how to cook all kinds of delicious foods, so you can be the best woman and also best mother.

Furthermore, if you want to rank yourself well in the kitchen, then you should have an economic skill, by having full knowledge of how to manage your kitchen. How to take good care of your kitchen utensils, that's the economic skill I am referring to.

2. A Well Paying Job:

A wise woman should never agree to marrying without a job. You need a job of your own, so you can support your man in terms of expenses, and other simple things. It shouldn't be anyhow job, but a well paying job.

You can be self-employed or an employee, but make sure you have a job that pays you will, so you can also support your man. No man will enjoy having a jobless woman, unless he decides to make you just a housewife.

3. A University Degree:

This is necessary for a woman to achieve in this modern days because education is now part of the key to success. Every man will want to have an educated woman, someone who can take care of his business if he has, and also someone who can teach the children.

If you are not educated, you will find it difficult to work on your children's home works, given to them by their school teacher. You will also find it difficult to teach your children at home aside to school teachings. It's essential that a woman is educated and has a degree, which can also help her find a better job.

An educated woman can build her children in the education aspect.

4. A Good Savings:

Every woman who wants to settle down in marriage, should have a good amount of money in her savings account, which will help her in different aspect of her home.

There are things you will need to achieve for yourself, without any need to ask your husband for money. There may be situations when your hubby might need money to assist himself, you can support if you have a good savings account.

So, it's essential that a woman has good amount of money, if possible like 500k in her savings account before marriage because it will help her well.

5. A Good Bedroom / Love Making Skills:

This is another most important aspect, which every woman should achieve before marriage. You must know how to make love to your man, so you both can enjoy your love life and intimacy moment.

Without good bedroom skills, I am not sure your man will enjoy you very much, and he might be tempted to try it outside, so having good bedroom skills will help positively.

6. Create a Good Relationship With Your In-Laws:

You should create a good and sweet relationship with your in-laws, this will give you a pass ticket to having a sweet marriage. No marriage is fully enjoyable, if the woman is not in good terms with her in-laws.

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