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Opinion: How To Overcome Seduction From The Opposite Gender

Temptation from the opposite gender is one of the things many people are not able to overcome, despite their level of discipline. We've seen great people who seem to not have weak areas eventually having their Achilles's heels as temptation from the opposite gender. Considering the rate at which many people lose their focus owing to temptation, ways we can overcome have been carefully selected.

Note that these procedures are from my own opinion, these procedures are also gotten from the ways in which people fall and just as there are ways to fix faults in automobiles, I've compiled the way we can overcome this.

1. Judge by behavior, not by looks.

Temptation actually starts from judging people by how they appear to you, and not how they are in real life. A great man once said that he won't count a man who speaks bad to waiters and speaks good to him, because if he were the waiter, he would speak bad to him too. Learn to not get carried away by what is often regarded as first time impression. Being good-looking doesn't necessarily mean the person is an angel, and not wearing a good look doesn't mean the person is evil. Some people intentionally use their good appearance to deceive and lure people into problems.

2. Don't free your mind, occupy it with necessities.

Saying you should free your mind from all things is not always a solution when it comes to temptation. If you're of age and due for marriage, marry someone and stay committed to the person other than staying alone, remember that an idle hand is a devil's workshop. Make sure you're doing something every time, this is to ensure that you don't get carried away by temptation when you're not up to anything tangible.

3. Be faithful, other than religious.

This sounds somehow right, well read it again. Reno Omokri said a lot of churchgoers can only be called religious, faithfulness actually reflects in your character and way of life. You can be religious and be fornicating, but when you're faithful, your self-discipline is at its peak and you find out you're doing well in all your prospects in life.

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