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4 Places to kiss your girlfriend or wife to prove that you love her

Kissing is a perfect way of showing to someone that you love them. It does not necessarily mean that you must get intimate with your wife when you start to kiss her, even though it is usually the first thing lovers or couple do when they want to engage in lovemaking. But kissing mean more than getting you and your partner in the mood for some romantic drama.

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Kissing your wife or girlfriend means that you love her. You may not have the intention of getting on the bed with her, but just to communicate to her that you love her. Kissing, as you may know is a form of communication. It tells your partner what you may not be able to tell or explain to him or her with your words. Just like telling a woman that you love her, this may not be unsuccessful, but if you kiss her at the right places, she will be more convinced. These places to kiss your girlfriend or wife to prove that you love them and their meanings are explained below.

1. Forehead.

This may appear as a normal thing to many people. But the truth is that many men kiss their girlfriends or wives on their foreheads ignorantly. They don't really know what it means. They do it because they have seen people do it in and off the television.

Well, a forehead kiss is a very important strategy to convince your wife or girlfriend that you love her. It means that you will never leave them. Of course, you can't leave a woman you love.

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A forehead kiss is deeper in meaning than what many people see it as. When you kiss your wife or girlfriend on her forehead, you are making a promise to her. And in making that promise, you are promising not to break it.

2. Neck.

A neck kiss is a sensitive kiss on the neck of your loving wife or girlfriend. It is a proof that you can't get enough of her. It is usually passionate and it means more than you can tell your girlfriend or wife orally.

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3. Feet.

You woman goes to many places on her shoes. Kissing her leg means that you appreciate and love her. If you love your wife or girlfriend and you want to show it, kindly kiss her legs, especially when she is back from a long walk or journey. It is a sign that you love her.

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4. Shoulder.

This may depend on individual perception. But generally, a kiss on the shoulder is very important. This may not be pleasurable to some people, but it means a lot. A woman's shoulder is very important to her. We say that we need our shoulder to do works or to carry things, therefore, you can kiss your wife or girlfriend on her shoulder to say thank you for what she has been doing for you, especially if she has done great things for you.

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If you want to show your wife or girlfriend that you truly love and cherish her, kiss her on the above places to convince her.

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