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Meet The Model Who Was Raised To Look Like a Barbie Doll

Angelica Kenova does not only look and dress like a Barbie doll, she was also raised like one. While many parents buy Barbie dolls for their daughters to play with, Angelica claimed that her mother started dressing her up like a doll from the young age of six.

Six year old Angelica Kenova

According to Angelica Kenova, her parents hired a personal trainer for her so she could achieve a structure like Barbie. She also claimed that her looks are all natural, and she did not get any plastic surgery procedure done to enhance her looks.

Apart from dressing up and living like a Barbie doll, Angelica also said that her mother makes all the decisions in her life even as an adult. The 26-year old model claims that her parents do not allow her to date randomly. Her mother goes on all her dates with her and sits on the same table with them. She said that this has made her to not have any real relationship.

Despite the fact that her parents treat her like a doll and monitor her every move, they still allow her to pose in bikinis that show a lot of skin. This is quite surprising since they won’t even let her have a proper relationship. Angelica Kenova is living the life of a real life Barbie with a lot of restrictions.

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Angelica Angelica Kenova Barbie Barbie Doll


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