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Signs That Show Your Partner Does Not Enjoy Love Making.

If your partner is not enjoying lovemaking, you can still find out without waiting for them to tell you. However, it is important to know if your partner enjoys lovemaking or not so you would be able to make corrections. Below are some of the things you might notice in your partner when he or she does not enjoy lovemaking;

1. They try to avoid it. There are many ways by which they can avoid it and we will be stating out some of them. If your partner has been avoiding lovemaking, you might notice that they always go to bed before you so, you won't have the opportunity to make a move. You might also notice that they pretend to be busy even when they are not.

2. They don't initiate it. You would notice that you are always the first to make a move as they will never make an effort to initiate it. If they truly enjoy it, they will not always wait for you to initiate it. If you notice this then, your partner does not enjoy lovemaking and you might need to do something about it.

3. You don't get to enjoy it either. You only enjoy lovemaking when your partner tries to make it interesting as well. If you are the only one making an effort, you will not enjoy it as you would be the only one putting in energy. So, when your partner does not enjoy lovemaking, you might as well not enjoy it.

4. They give you divided attention. During lovemaking, both you and your partner are supposed to give each other undivided attention. However, when your partner starts using his or her phone in the process or even paying attention to the television then, he or she does not enjoy lovemaking and has no interest in it.

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