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After 4 Years of Sleeping on the Floor With my Ex-boyfriend, He Got a Job and Left Me - Lady

While it's good to stand by your man in his difficult times, encourage and always try to support him in all he does so that he becomes a better man, many ladies however desist from doing such as after doing it, they end up being dumped for someone else. You know when a man isn't very financially bouyant, he tends to be more humble than normal but when the money comes, it takes the grace of God for him to still remain that way. Not that he choose to be that way, but money has a way of bringing out some hidden characters in a man.

A lady narrates online what he passed through in the hands of a man, he was dating from 2012 to 2016. The lady whose name is Ifeoturuan on twitter said during those times, her ex-boyfriend had virtually nothing and she's sleeping on the floor with him, was encouraging and supporting him all those times but as soon as he got a job, he moved to a one bedroom flat and suddenly started saying she wasn't good enough for marriage, due to the fact that his mother may not like where the lady is from.

See below:

Support your man as much as you can but don't always put your whole hopes on him. Learn to develop yourself as she advised above for should things go sideways, you won't entirely blame yourself for not investing in yourself.

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