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Don't Be Too Quick To Ask A Lady These 3 Things, It Turns Her Off.

Has a man, once you have the chance to talk with the lady you love, they are some questions you don't have to ask her because you will just end up turning her off, I will be telling you few things you don't have to mention to a lady you are trying to make her become yours, because you might end up hurting her, and she will never give you such chance again. 

1. What happened in your pass relationship. 

Once you have feelings for a lady, and you have the chance to have a conversation with her don't go ahead asking her about her pass relationship, because maybe she has been hurt, and she doesn't want to remember about it anymore, but you ended up bring it back to her, it's fine when she used her own mouth to tell you everything that happened without you asking her, that's cool but never you ask her about what happen in her pass relationship, let the pass be pass, all you have to be working on is how to become the future. 

2. Don't ask about her age. 

Once you are into a conversation with a lady you have feelings for, don't bring up any matter about her age up, with time she will open up to you and tell you are real age, most ladies hate being asked of their age it's a turn off for them so as a man never you be too quick to ask her about her age, they are still a lot of things you both can talk about that she make her to start loving you or love you more never be a turn off to her. 

3. Don't keep asking her for money. 

Most men have so much luck that they only meet women who are very rich, and she ends up falling for them, she knows what you need, and she will always provide for you don't be that type of men that always ask a woman for money that will become a turn off for her, because she might even think you are after her money because of the encounter she has had in the pass, show her she can be loved without her money, and you will end up enjoying the relationship with her, as a man avoid all this I just listed because most ladies do see it as a turn off. 

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