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Husband and wife relationship

5 Tips To Have a Successful Marriage.

Many marriages have several time collapsed as a result of not having proper marriage seminars, mentorship, reading of marriage tips and books before going into marriage.

This five tips will literally teach you proper steps to take when you are about to Wed and even after marraige on how you can maintain an everlasting unity, peace and happy home with your spouse.

1. Marry a submissive wife, this is so important as some marriages is getting collapsed due to an engagement with an insubordinate partner.

2. Marry your friend as they say, this is a pivotal aspect of marriage that persuade us to marry the one who we can easily communicate with, for the flow of expression and feelings for each other.

3. Never compel duty on your spouse as both of you are meant to help each other in time of need and helplessness, so as not to look like if is only one party that is more active in your relationship.

4. Make sure you marry your desire spec of partner to meet your physical and emotional satisfaction, so as to avoid issues like you are not my type, you don't worth me at the later time.

5. Always be there to defend each other and to represent each other even at the absence of one another, because once you get married, you have become one and nothing should differentiate or discriminate you any more.

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