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Opinion: 6 signs she secretly loves you but is afraid to admit it

Girls are a bit more complicated and mysterious kind of creatures especially to boys so looking for a perfect partner isn't that easy.

They don't actually express their feelings so easily. The question now is; how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it due to shyness or other reasons.

Here are 6 things you should be able to notice in a girl who actually likes you so much:

1. She makes longer eye contact with you.

Eye contact is probably the most powerful communication tool between two people. Now if some one is overusing this tool, it means the person wants to build a deeper relationship with you.

so if you notice this, stay her back into the eyeball till she looks away, she will feel u like her too, this will give you more confidence to approach her

2.She tries to be around you.

If she is genuinely interested in you, she will always find a way to get around you. If you are playing soccer, you might find her sitting on a chair watching bro. This is because she wants you to notice her and wants to know more about you.

3.She touches you often.

This is a universal language that even animals understand.

when you touch someone, they can feel your love through it. Be it a usual handshake or hug, it expresses love all the way.

So if a girl is trying to make physical contact with you, she touches your hair, pats your shoulders, touches your ears or cheeks, then it is a sign that she likes you.

4.She smiles at you often.

A girl will smile at someone she likes for no reason at all. Smiles make girls look more attractive and beautiful, they know that too.

This is a pure sign that she likes you so much.

5.She asks questions.

This means she has an interest in you and your life. She asks lots of questions in order to keep the conversation going or to know you a bit deeper.

Only a girl who likes you would go through all that stress bro.

6.She looks away when you look at her.

When you look at her, she'll suddenly feel shy and turn away from you.

In the First sign, she maintains longer eyesight, but at this final stage,she already knows her moves got you interested in her; she knows you are thinking about her also.

Now if you notice these signs from a girl, she definitely loves you, go get your girl bro.

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