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How Being With Somebody For A Long Time Can Play Tricks On Your Mind

Since they are involved in your story and share in your history, it'd make you feel as if they are the best choice for you.

Besides, who should you rather marry, if not your friend who has been there for you through the years?

Sometimes familiarity has a way of conditioning your mind to think through realities with bias.

You've been together for years and have become fond of each other. You love the bond. You love the closeness. You love the moments you two share. You love the history you both have. You love the sacrifices they've made for you.

Then you feel you owe them. But you wouldn't think it that way; you'd rather call it loyalty. You feel you'd be an ingrate to leave them after all you've been through together.

Sometimes you make this decision without praying about it. Even when you pray about it, since your mind is fixed, you'd get the answer you want.

Inasmuch as you shouldn't be an ingrate and greedy, you need to be very careful.

The reason God sends some people into your life is not for you to marry them, no matter how much they've come to know about you.

That they've been with you through thick and thin doesn't necessarily mean it's an open door for marriage.

Marriage is beyond friendship sometimes. Sometimes marriage is destiny, and must be approached with caution.

What some persons have to offer you is only friendship; they don't have the capacity for destiny. If you end up with them, you will never rise to the heights you should.

When that time comes, when you need to choose between a friend who has been with you through the years and someone who has what it takes to make your life worth it in destiny, you need to push emotions aside and make a decision for destiny.

They will be hurt, just as you would, but that's fine. They may hate you for life, but it's also good. It's not everyone who has been there for you that can be there for you in the future.

As long as you don't make the decision out of self-interest, greed, covetousness and arrogance, as long as you are convinced it's the right thing to do, close your eyes and do it.

You'd be glad that you made that difficult decision in the future. But for now, choose destiny.

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