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3 Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Woman

Communication is key to the success of any relationship on the long run but as a man you must be very careful how you communicate with your woman, there are some certain things that you shouldn't mention to you woman if you want things to go on smoothly in your relationship. Below are 3 things you shouldn't say to your woman:

1.) Talk openly about other women: You can speak about other women in her front but always try not to rub it on her face directly by complimenting them or telling her that they are more beautiful than her.

2.) Speak bad about her body: Don't speak bad about her body directly to her face rudely, instead you could look for more subtle ways to let her know about faults on her body.

3.) Remind her of her past: Always make it a habit to move on and not speak about your woman's past directly to her face, instead what you should do is to try to help her get pass her hurtful past by showing her a better version of her past.

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