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Reasons why old people should often have sex with their partner

Many people still believe that having s£x as one gets older is forbidden; persons over 60 have many questions about intimacy but also find it embarrassing to bring it up.

Even though as we age, our bodies and sexuality change, intimate relationships between older people are neither unethical nor unhealthy. Even experts encourage seniors to engage in regular s£x to keep their health.

Here are several explanations for why older adults ought to engage in regular sex, according to Healthline:

1. It keeps them moving.

Everyone should be active; it is inherently healthy to be active or engage in some type of physical activity. Maintaining a great quality of life becomes increasingly important as we age. So, maintaining intimacy in later life keeps one young and healthy.

2. It facilitates pain relief for them

Endorphin, which is also responsible for the analgesic and pleasure effects, is one of the hormones generated during intercourse. This is just another perk for those who prioritise intimacy and love as they age.

3. It improves their self-esteem

A common misconception is that becoming older makes many tasks more challenging. People's bodies weaken and alter as they age, which can cause problems with self-esteem and even lead to the loathing of one's own body. You can overcome this feeling thanks to intimacy in old age, which may make you feel more appreciated by yourself. The hormones released during sexual activity have an impact on this as well.

4. It enhances their memory.

Older people who keep up their relationships have an advantage over those who do not because intimate relationships encourage better brain-to-brain communication.

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