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Some secrets women keep.

Women don't tell their man what she dislikes about his outfit, she rather complements that she loves it when she doesn't.

Women don't disclose to their man that she has developed feelings for another probably may be on social media.

Women don't disclose how weak they are emotionally, they act to ve strong (in some cases when a woman is heart broken).

Women don't tell their man how other men try to toast them or how other men try to ask them out.

Women don't disclose to their man how her parents really feel about him, they always say they are fine, they like you and the rest of it to make feel good and comfortable.

Women never disclose to their man if they still have feelings for ex, they always claim to have moved on while their heart still wants to go back to the ex.

Women don't disclose to their man how much pain they pass through during their period, they always claim to be fine while they are not.

Women don't immediately disclose to their man when they suspect he is cheating, she rather plays her game to be sure first before attacking..

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