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Check out these 30 Most Adorable Four Generation Family Photos.

The greatest gift of God to mankind, is the gift of the breath down our lungs. This gift of life is the reason for our existence. Human beings like every other livingthing consist of different characteristic which differentiate us from non living things. Some of these characteristics are: growth, change and death. Change in the development of human being is constant. As we grow our body undergoes different changes starting from - infancy to childhood, then adolescent, then adulthood and finally the olden age. 

Most of our forefathers live and died at a very old age. Some of them see their fourth to fifth generation before they died. My grandmother who died at the 120 years sees her sixth generations before she died. Unlike the olden days, in our world of today only few are privelege to live and see their grand children. Due to the fact that at the age of 40 Most people seems to develop various health concerns. In the olden days, during the time of our great grand parents young people hardly died unlike in our era. Why did our great grandparents lived a very long life? What did they do that we ain't doing? These are rhetorical questions but demand a deep pondering. 

According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 life expectancy in Nigeria is: Male 54.7, female 55.7 and total life expectancy is 55.2 which gives Nigeria a World Life Expectancy ranking of 178. These data are probabilities they are not actual prediction. Human beings cannot give life, therefore it is not in their power to know when a man will die or live. We live each day as it comes, hoping to see tomorrow. As human beings we will we surely die but when and how still remains a mystery. 

According to the holy book it is written "With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation. ” This is the hope of every human being. We want to someday get married, give birth to children and lived to see our grandchildren and great grandchildren. In our world of today where deaths is at it peak. Do we still have families that consist of four generations? The answer is yes! Today I bring to you some adorable four generations family pictures. 

Image credit:Pinterest and shutterstock.

May God bless us with long life and in good health. We shall live to see our generations unborn. Can I hear a Lounder amen.

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