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5 reasons people often stay single

I have to clarify this so it gets out of my chest many times, I mean recently I have been receiving several emails concerning dating issues which I am glad I responded all, but as a point of priority I have to resolve this issue once and for all. just read along cause this could be a secret am about to unveil.

On several occasions I see people saying that they cant go on a date as if they are not loved or what. There are underlying factors that may have been hindering your dateing life and that is what I will be throwing more lights on,Seriously you can't change this expect you admit that they are part of your dateing problem.

On several occasions the main reasons why people often stay single are.

Being too picky:

Our own defence often leave us picker and more judgmental, this is often happens when we have experienced several relationship set back, so people develop the thought that there is no good man or woman out there.

Seriously this cause us to have an unrealistic expectation from a partner or even going as far pin pointing there weakness. Dealing with pickness should be one focus if you don't want to remain single.

The thought of a every picky person is he is not my type and I don't care, by so doing you are going to lose potential partners and remain single. To stop being picky you have to bare in mind that nobody is perfect, being an overly perfectionist will kill the relationship instead of building it. Stop focusing on peoples flaws nobody is perfect.

Low esteem:

Low self esteem is one thing that keeps person single, the thought of not being good enough is what keep single.

So many people I have spoken express the same sentiment, they really want to start a good relationship but they just have that negative belief that no one will be interested in in them. Now this stands as a trait. We all have this critical inner voice that whisper to us that we are not good enough, we are too fat, too short, or even ugly, when we listen to this voice we act in a way that drives people away from you. many people even find it difficult to leave the house let alone pursuing situation that is likely to create an avenue for meeting potential partners.


The fear of competing with people, probably caused by low esteem. When we see that some one else is in interested in a person whom we show interest in, some people being to assume that they are not good enough to to handle the situation or even get involved in starting a relationship.By so doing we betray ourselve and stay away from scenario that involves relationship.

Isolation and routine:

As we begin to age people tend to stay more in there confort Zone some people don't even come out to mingle, many are in state of social isolation. Modern women become More successful and some don't see it necessary to get involved or mingle, being too busy and always up to something not caring about there social welfare. This may send the wrong message and people may start seeing as a snub.

The encouragement we often get to stay at home or stay safe comes from a critical inner voice that says stay at home you are fine you are good alone. The problem is that that same voice that suggested that you stay at home also comes back and whisper to you again, what a loser, you are lonely and you will spend all your life alone. It's important to resist falling into a comfort zone and all resist the thought that tells you that you are good alone.

Rule making:

Years past you may have decided not to start any relationship, you probably must have made rules and definitely keeping to it.

You don't really have to make rules which are indirectly affecting you, take for an instance you may think ok no man can control me, or I am the one to make all the rules as a man, or even I am too Beautiful for him to tell me what to do, sometimes you may even think I earn more money than him so I have the upper hand. This kind of thought will break your relationship and you will end up being single. We have to be polite in making relationship rules that is if you are already in a relationship, but if you are yet to start one don't make rules that will affect you or even change the way you see thing if not you will likely remain single.

Comment if you have any questions.

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