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5 Things No Woman Wants To Hear

Your woman, is such a sensitive being and is so moved by words, hence, it is very important that you be careful with your words, especially when addressing her.

Here Are Some Words You Should Never Use On Your Woman:

1. "You're Getting Fat":

Regardless of how much weight your woman, has gained, never tell her about it, without being diplomatic. It is true that you need her lose weight, but tell it to her as politely as possible.

2. "Your Cooking Tastes Horrible":

You have to realize that your woman out in so much work to serve you a meal. Hence, when you're woman cooks not-so-intelligent meals, avoid being harsh with your comments. You can afford to send your message across, without making her feel bad.

3. "You Should Learn From Your Friend":

Regardless of your woman's flaws, never for a moment, compare your woman to her friends both in words and in actions, neither should you make her feel low because of her friends.

4. "You're So Lazy":

Sometimes, your woman won't feel like doing anything at home, even house chores. Hence, avoid insulting her with it. You can also help her do some chores.

5. "That dress is horrible on you":

Even when your woman does not dress up appropriately or dresses with clothes that do not fit properly, avoid telling her about it in rude and embarrassing ways. She will be grateful that you said your mind, but in a polite manner.

Learn how to speak your woman with respect and your relationship, will be better.

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