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The Challenges in Most Marriages

The level of marital satisfaction has declined steadily across the early years if a couple's relationship. The finding shows that it is the lowest level during the adolescent years of the family lifecycle. The key to improving marital satisfaction and preventing marital breakdown and burnout is for couples to regulate their negative emotions and find ways to eliminate dysfunctional and destructive interactional patterns. Frequently, they drift into nagging, griping, and fighting with each other without realizing how their negativity is eroding the positive factors that feed the health of their relationship.

Many marriages breakdown end in divorce because people do not recognize the early warning signs that the marriage is already in trouble. There are common warning signs of emotional distance that is developing I'm marriage. It is usually more when a marriage is in trouble, which may be deeper issues that will create barriers for intimacy. The fear of closeness makes an individual find it hard to share openly their thoughts and feelings. They find it hard to get emotionally close, for fear of being hurt. They play it safe and keep their distance, which leads to divorce.

Unresolved anger, hurt, grief or personal issues eventually erode intimacy. The mismanagement of anger is probably the greatest single barrier to intimacy in any relationship. The need for influence and control of partners who are rigid and inflexible, but often controlling, and manipulating things from getting out of control or making them feel threatened, uncomfortable or vulnerable.

Low self-esteem may also play a critical part in a partner who feels inferior or worthless hardly contribute positively to the relationship. This often causes them to be tentative, uncertain or negative, making it harder for them to take the initiative, which can seriously affect the relationship. Most marriages find it hard to carry an emotion hurting or wounded person for very long. Frequently, this burden creates feeling of resentment in the other partner.

When there are jealousy, mistrust, and doubt, partners can question their love and acceptance seriously, undermining the trust and confidence in the relationship. Sexual jealousy-which arises from the fear of loss and exclusion, involves feelings of anger, anxiety, and resentment -is particularly distressing because it threatens the security of the marriage and blocks intimacy. Couples Lacking a sense of realism about the relationship and hang on to romantic notions of love and frequently expecting unattainable standards. They demand some levels of intimacy and togetherness that could stifle the relationship and create feelings of frustration and alienation.

To overcome challenges in marriages; couples Should be committed to each other, Pray together; apply counsel found in the scriptures, Take time for each other, learn to communicate, listen, Be sensitive to other's needs, express love; don't criticize and Learn to compromise.

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