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What Is The Ideal Age Difference In A Couple?

The age difference in a couple can quickly become a problem even if Hugh Hefner the boss of Playboy did not think so. But what would be the ideal gap for a couple to live in perfect harmony over time? A British site gives us some information on this subject from a survey.

First of all, the man should be older than the woman. Then, the gap must be 52 MONTHS or 4 years and 4 months. On the panel of women interviewed, many would say that they prefer an older companion because it would give them ,financial security.

If he is older there is potentially a greater chance that he will have a stable situation and therefore have a comfortable income.

Now, this all sounds like a male-led study, doesn't it? Remember that there is no ideal age difference in reality. As long as there is love, anything is possible! As long as it's legal and consented, whether you're 10, 20, or 2 years apart , the only thing that matters is love.

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