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How To Build A Stable Relationship

What is the key to achieving a cheerful and lasting life as a couple? This question, which we've all asked ourselves at a while in our lives, finally has an answer.

1. Realistic expectations:

The first stage of love is ideal, in which real crazy things are done and we feel in a true cloud of happiness. But once that point passes, we must shape our lives around a more sincere relationship, with bad days. It is essential to understand the way to overcome that gap between dreams and reality.

2. Respect:

Beyond even communication, the most important thing in a relationship is mutual respect. A respect not only focused on fidelity, but above all on maintaining it even when communication fails and causes misunderstandings and anger.

3. Speak openly:

Placing respect above communication doesn't mean that communication isn't important. But it's good to note that problems when surfaced, must be tackled at the spot.

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