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20 Reasons Why Dating is A waste Of Time For Youths In 2020

Dating has become so glamorized these days that it seems if you are not in a relationship you are missing out on something because of the way it is being made much of a big deal .The dating craze is everywhere , social media , real life world.

However many people fail to realize that it's just a total waste of time because this generation is pretty messed up and don't know how to make things work out well. Below are reasons why dating is a total waste of time :

1 . Many of these young people don't understand what love is all about . They mostly mistake infatuation for love, and when the chemicals die down they realize that it takes more than falling in love to make a relationship work so by that time they don't know how to make things work and the relationship dies a natural death .

2 .Dating no longer has a genuine purpose , before people dated inorder to marry nowadays people do it just for fun and pass time .

3 . It's totally stressful and consumes a lot of mental energy and emotional energy .

4 . It hinders you from fully focusing on yourself and self development .

5 . You are always worried about what your partner is up to and this can cause overthinking.

6. You spend less time with your friends and family inorder to be around your boyfriend or girlfriend all the time.

7 . Dating can lead to severe heartbreaks which causes people to be traumatized for life

8 . You will be having a hard to concentrate on things that really matter in life .

9 .A lot of people are mentally damaged and so loving them is gonna be tough and might even cause a breakdown to the person who is mentally ok.

10 . You will waste time arguing and fighting over unecessary things , resolving conflicts and other irrelevant things .

11. You are pressured by social media to show your relationship is perfect so you go out your way to look good for the camera .

12 . 90 percent of relationships nowadays end in a breakup so it's basically a waste of time .

13. Many people don't even understand how dating works . They think it's just by romance , snapping cute pictures but in the end they end up getting it all wrong.

,14 . Your life will never remain the same if you enter into a relationship because your motivations and decisions will now be centered around one person

15 . People date for the wrong reasons and motives nowadays . Relationships nowadays seems more like a business transaction .

16 . You already know that one day you will breakup with your partner , so why enter into a relationship when you know that you will breakup eventually.

17. Many people in relationships wish they were single because of the constant drama surrounded by it .

18 . It takes away your personal space and privacy especially if you have a clingy partner

19. Your daily activities and work will be centered around your other half , which is not advisable for someone working

20 .you will miss out on that sense of freedom that none has control over your life

Inasmuch , we need the company of the opposite sex , it necessarily doesn't mean we should date them because dating complicates a lot of things . Instead focus on yourself and hustle , then find love at the right time

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