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4 Ways To Make Peace With Your Partner After a Dispute

It’s normal to have some quarrels with your partner, but the way you handle it shows how mature and how much you value the relationship. You have to take responsibility for your actions and apologize. Though it might not be an easy one, communicating openly with your partner and making sure to be an effective listener can be of help.

Follow the steps below for proper peacemaking after a quarrel.

1. Admit your flaws and apologize: You have to avoid being judgemental, be humble and admit where you went wrong. Leave out the “but” or “you should have” and focus on how you can reconcile with your partner and restore tranquility in your home.

2. Deal with your anger: Quarrels often lead to fighting which is caused by anger. If you are angry, recognize that you are in control and that your partner shouldn't have an upper hand in controlling your emotions with his/her vague words. Take steps to help calm your anger, such as taking deep breaths, then proceed to speak with your partner calmly and settle things amicably.

3. Forgive your partner: While making peace with your partner, you shouldn't hold grudges against him/her. Tell your partner that you have forgiven him/her and do not want to harbor negative feelings in the relationship. Let them know that you are letting go of grudges and leaving the past behind so that both of you can concentrate on building a stronger relationship.

4. Listen to your partner with an open heart: Once you have forgiven your partner, it's pertinent to listen to whatever they may have to say with an open mind. Avoid interrupting or thinking about what you will say while they are speaking. Instead, give your full attention, make eye contact, and affirm your understanding.

Note: relationships are not always a bed of roses as problems can arise at any time. How peaceful your relationship stays is determined by your ability to handle these problems. However, you must be ready to forgive and maturely resolve issues.

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