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7 Tips On How To Heal From Hurtful Situations.

Everyone passes through difficult times and phases in life, it could either be the death of a loved one, an heart break, a trying time, etc. We all grieve differently depending on our mental or emotional capacity, we have the ability to heal but it happens in different ways and with different methods. Healing can place quickly or slowly but the most important thing is that we heal and we are able to move on from any traumatic experience we pass through. Here are a few ways that helps us heal:

Be willing to heal: Don’t give in to the ego, avoid lying to yourself about not being hurt or being sad, admit that you need to heal. Take as much time you need to heal, avoid everything that reminds you of the phase you just passed through. “True emotional healing doesn't happen without feeling. The only way out is through.” ― Jessica Moore

Seek help from professionals: After admitting that you need to heal, consider seeking help from professionals. You may wish to attend individual or group therapy, seek out expert opinions and receive the help of someone trained in the field of emotional trauma, who you feel comfortable with and trust. Therapy isn't something negative as most people think it is restoring and highly effective.

Accept support from loved ones: Avoid being to rigid to accept support. Loved ones exist so they can be able to take care of us, be there for us and help us go through life easily. When trying to heal make sure you surround yourself with people that love, care and support you it helps your path to healing, avoid isolating your self. Remember "an idle mind is the devil workshop."

Trips and vacations: Taking time off to go on trips and vacations helps a lot. It is highly therapeutic, it helps to take you mind off things and also helps you stay away from people you are constantly around. In order to heal you have to be in a place of relaxation and peace and going on vacations is one way to do it.

Meditation and mindfulness: Meditation helps quiet the chatter of the mind, to allow you to experience wisdom, acceptance and a new appreciation for life. so in addition to therapy sessions, the body greatly benefits from entering thoughtless moments and having a mindfulness practice. “Each and every meditation practice brings internal emotional healing in one way or other.” - Purvi Raniga.

Indulge in fun activities: You deserve to do something that is enjoyable. Is there a movie you’ve been meaning to watch? A bestselling novel sitting on a shelf? Or maybe you want to nurture your creative side by painting, writing, or taking photographs. This can be a great way for you to express yourself and have fun at the same time. Participating in enjoyable activities gives you a much needed break from stress.

Do something relaxing: Relaxing activities like meditation and yoga, can help you to focus and reduce stress. You may also find that small measures, like taking a warm bath or listening to music, swimming, can help you to relax.

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