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4 Unique Things About The Marriage Culture Of The Hausa People You Probably Did Not Know

Nigeria is indeed a blessed country. The Nigerian society is not only rich in human and natural resources but also in culture, tradition, belief system, religion etc. It is true when people say that variation adds beauty to life, because the beauty of Nigeria is tied to the dynamic lifestyle of the people. Maritally, It is not different. We are rich with different marriage cultures and traditions. None is less important. All the tribes and geopolitical zones are unique in their peculiar ways.

Note that, this content does not have any intention of presenting the marriage cultures from other places less unique. It is just an issue of AREA OF INTEREST AND FOCUS.

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Among other things, the following make the marriage culture of the Hausa people unique:

1. Investigation by the bride's family before giving their daughter's hand in marriage to the man. In the Hausa's culture, a man does not just show interest in a lady and the parents will give their consent without doing some underground investigation about the man in the areas of religion, family culture and every important details about his upbringing before they allow him to marry their daughter. The essence of that is to promote some level of compatibility between him and the lady. They also do so to protect the lady from any unfavourable display that she may experience from the man when she gets married to him without those facts. It is more like watching their daughter's back.

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2. Low and affordable bride price. Their culture encourages low and affordable bride price that would not inconvenient the man financially. According to their teachings, they believe that the lower the bride price, the higher the amount of blessings that will be present in the marriage.

3. The bride's parents taking full responsibility in furnishing the house of the couples after the marriage ceremony. As part of their marriage customs, it is expected of the groom to rent or provide the house which he will stay with his wife after the marriage ceremony. Thereafter, the bride's family will take full responsibility in furnishing the house provided by the man. This no doubt can go a long way in relieving the man of some additional spending after footing marriage bills.

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4. Absence of physical touch by the man after the lady's parents have given their approval. As part of their marriage cultures , in their bid to promote purity before marriage, the man is not allowed to have any form of physical contact or courtship with his would be wife, after the lady's parents have agreed on giving their daughter out to him in marriage. He is only allowed to see her briefly.

Which of them do you like most? Let us know in the comment section. You can also share the marriage culture of your region with us to learn from.

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