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Here are few ways to know if your partner is dating only you

Nowadays, people find it hard to find true love, so many youths don't believe in love any more, due to several heartbreaks or some other casualties they face in their previous relationships. It was all this bad experience in love that birth the popular saying "love na scam". Today most people believe in just flirting around, having a one-night stand and in most cases the ladies find it as an opportunity to exhort money from the guys. 

But nevertheless, true love still exists for the lucky ones, but individuals involved in the relationship are always insecure about each other. I mean, they are always worried about if their partner is dating only them. I know some people will doubt of their partner dating only them. But the fact is that they are a lot of people, though not many who stick to only one partner if given genuine love, care and attention. So if you are still looking for a way to know if your partner is dating only you, then this article might help you put an end to your long term research, because in this article, I am going to show you some ways to know if your partner is dating only you.

1 they will never busy your calls.

 What I'm trying to say here is that a partner that is dating only you will always pick your calls at any point in time, and will always tell you to call back if she's busy. Whereas a cheating partner will not do so. This is because a cheating partner might be with his or her other lover while you are calling and will not want to be caught. In most cases, they off the network in the SIM they store your number, or better switch off the phone.

2. They don't give unnecessary excuses when you want to see them.

Take, for instance, you tell your girlfriend you're taking her out on a date on Sunday evening, and she says, let me see if I will be chanced. This is a big sign of a cheat, same thing apply to the boys.  If your partner is all yours, they will not even contemplate on whether they will be chance to see you, unless they have important occasion to attend of which they will inform you about. But a cheating partner will just tell you, "I will not be chance". In most cases, if you ask them about what they will be doing or where they will be going, they may simply tell you, "nothing".

3. If your partner is always proud of walking with you in public

A cheating partner will never walk with you in public to avoid being caught by other lovers, but a real partner will always be proud of walking with you even in the public. They will always want to introduce you to their friends and will also want you to introduce them to your friends.

For the guys, a major proven way to know if your partner is dating only you, is, if she likes spending the night in your place.

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