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4 Reasons People Leave the One They Love in Relationships.

I know most of the time you try to reason what's the cause of people leaving the one they so much love in a relationship, I will be showing you a few things that do cause it. 

1. They don't feel respected. 

If you want your relationship to last longer, you both have to respect each other, but once one of you starts feeling disrespect, he or she might leave the relationship, no matter how much you love each other. Once there is no longer respect in the relationship, the person may leave you. 

2. They don't feel emotionally supported. 

What keep relationships going and making the two partners happy are the bonds they share and also the bond of emotional support between you and your lover, so once your partner starts feeling he or she is not getting that emotionally supported from you, he or she will surely leave the relationship because you both can't connect anymore. 

3. They don't feel listened too. 

This is the most painful part that can make your partner leave you. A relationship works with communication, always listen to your partner and make sure you both agreed on a thing and work on it, but once you don't listen to her, she will not give it a second chance before leaving such a relationship because they don't feel valued and respected. 

4. They no longer feel the emotional connection. 

No matter how much you love someone once you don't feel that emotional connection, you have to leave such relationship, that's why sometimes you will hear friend saying I still love that lady or that guy, but I have to let he or her go because that love or connection is no longer there, so once they are no longer that connection, you will notice that one of you will leave the relationship because it can't work. 

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