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Ladies; Why You Should Not Trust Any Man Who Do These 10 Things.

Ladies; Why You Should Not Trust Any Man Who Do These 10 Things.

A lot of men out there pretends to love even when they don't, dear ladies, never trust any man who do these ten things;

1. A man who looks at other ladies even right in your presence.

2. A man who is not proud to introduce you to his family and friends.

3. A man who cheat on you.

4. A man who lie to you.

5. A man who Lives a fake life.

6. A man who always promise but fail to fulfil his promise.

7. A man that doesn't value you.

8. A man with no ambition

9. A man with no plans

10. A man that always procrastinate.

11. A man who keep secret

Why you should not trust any man with the above listed characters

You shouldn't trust them because they will end up betraying you, if you're dating this type of men, they can never be faithful to you, they will always cheat on you, and to crown it all, they will end up having no future.

Dear readers, what is your own opinion on this, do you have other things on your mind you wish to say, kindly leave your comment in the comment section below, and don't forget to share to friends and family.

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