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Divorce Affair

Check out! Why Marital divorce is at increase.

Are you married or intending to get married? Then read this as it will help you keep your man. Marital divorce is at increase rate because of some of this reasons

The wife that wins all arguments with her husband is not wise.the home is not a law court.

The wife that uses sex as a weapon in the home, placing embargo, going to bed in jeans shorts and trousers lack wisdom.

The wife that uses the modern trends and laws of women's rights to insult or ridicule the husband simply makes a fool of herself.

A woman that makes her home devoid of peace through brickering, nagging and quarrels needs help. A man should be eager to run away from office to be at home for that should be the safest place on earth for him.

Modern day equality in marriage doesn't mean competition,it simply means partnership. Taking advantage of such equality to turn around and become the defacto head of the home and oppress a man is tantamount to playing with fire. If you destroy your home, soon you will be a boss of an empty home.

A wise woman makes the man feels so good that he is the head , once he gets that feelings,the woman wields her power and the head actually turns to where the neck wants without protest.

A wife that doesn't pull herself from friends influence and advice or even from the control of her mother and father will have herself to be blame.

When a man is looking for a wife,he bypasses women of different shapes to choose a wife. But soon after birth,many women hide under the excuse of childbirth to let go of their beauty.many stops bothering about their beauty, shapes, dressing etc. Within five years of marriage, people start wondering if the wife is the man's aunt even though she is seven years younger. Her defense is that if he truly loves her,he should love her the way she is. But when looking for a wife he saw people like the same you and ignored and settled for the former you. Today you go to bed smelling of onions and pap , you go to bed wearing grandma's clothes. Why are you playing with your marriage? Love is not about looks but love enhance looks and marriage.there is difference between someone disfiguring herself and being disfigured by accident.please don't be hard as it may be, work on looking like you were when he first saw you and began the chase.

If every night you are tired,sleepy,sore,down with headache,fever "not in the mood" you are a joker,a serious comedian.

If your children suddenly become more important than your husband you need prayers.

If you assume that as a woman only you need to be pampered and fussed over while the man is a stone that has no emotional feeling you need to be pitied.

A woman that has the mind of a wife doesn't excite her husband. Wives are usually complacent and presumptuous. A wife must strive to have the mind of a girlfriend. A girlfriend is always nicer,sweeter,more loving and always thinking of how to wow her man,a girlfriend doesn't call the man "useless man"is not careless about her looks or dressing, always smile and laugh with the man , send the man sweet messages and calls,are you your husband's girlfriend in need and in deed?

When you rely on your beauty , cooking, character, connection and bedroom performance alone to keep your man and home intact without putting God in the picture,you have missed it. Without God it can't be good.put God first in your home.

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