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Dear Ladies, Here Are Tips You Can Apply When Dating A Shy Guy

It is fun to marry someone shy. Unlike the audacious guys, shy guys have lots of qualities and character that most ladies dream to see in their men. Have you been thinking of leaving that your shy boyfriend or fiance? Well after reading this article, you would have to rethink such a decision.

The problem is not that he is shy, the actual issue is that you have not learnt how to understand him. If you love him, you would try to learn to understand and appreciate his person. Try out the following tips about dating a shy guy. I believe this would change your perspective about that young shy guy.

The following are tips for dating a shy guy:

1. Try to make him forget his shy nature: l guess the question now is how do I do this. Well is simple. Stop reminding him always that he is shy. The more you keep reminding him, the shyer he becomes. And that could make him lose confidence in his God-given nature. Especially during an argument, never mention that he is a shy person.

2. Build his confidence with you first: Don't make the mistake of forcing your guy to be who he is not. Especially showing him off to your friends and also kissing him in public. Your first task is to make him not be shy around you. He can be shy with other people but not with you. The sweet thing about dating a shy guy is that you can build him to your taste. Just build it from home, later on, it would transfer to the public.

3. Be Patient With Him: Shy guys always take their time before taking the relationship to another level. They want to take their time in knowing you very well. Be happy about this, don't see it the other way round. He knows once he loves and marries you, is final for him. They hardly cheat on their girlfriend, that is why they take their time. Don't rush him. In time he will ask you out.

4. Learn Not To Question Him: Interrogating him will only distance him from you.

5. Always bring up topics about him.

6. Open up to him your likes and your dislikes: Once he is aware of this, he would always have it in mind to obey it. His thoughts would always be how to please you.

7. Take him out for sports: Just two of you for a start. 

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