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Opinion: 'Blue Therapy' -4 Major Lessons I Have Learnt From Chioma And Paul's Relationship

Very recently, Nigerian-British couple, Paul and Chioma, starred in the Blue Therapy. The couple were in need of counselling. Thankfully, their discussion with Denise unveiled a lot of critical areas people in relationships need to work on.

Here Are 4 Major Lessons I Learnt From Chioma And Paul's Relationship:

1. People In Relationships Should Seek Counseling Where Necessary:

In Nigeria, it is uncommon for couples facing challenges to seek professional help, hence, it's common to see partners who are still together, yet very unhappy with each other.

From Chioma and Paul's Relationship, I have learnt that partners should not be ashamed to take counselling sessions, as this would improve the quality of their relationship.

2. People In Relationships Need To Do Away With Pride:

From the Chioma and Paul's session, I saw how unimpressed Chioma was by the several statements made by Paul about his job and his relationship with the rich and famous. I now understand that people in relationships, need to be humble with their partners.

3. Poor Communication:

From Paul and Chioma's session, we can see that the couple has a problem with communication. Paul is a man who feels that his partner should show more understanding, as his job was time consuming, but rewarding. On the other hand, Chioma wants Paul to give her more attention. In my opinion, both Chioma and Paul's expectations of each other are valid, however, they failed at communicating their needs to each other.

4. Third Party Interference:

From Chioma's explanation, I can see that Chioma did not appreciate Paul's sister's presence in his life. Even more, she felt unhappy that Paul's sister could drop off her children at their(Paul and Chioma's) house, without discussing it first with her(Chioma).

I have learnt that family members should be careful not to interfere in a couple's life, as this is sometimes disrespectful.

Dear readers, what is your take on this delicate discussion?

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